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Month: February 2013

Learning about how to recover deleted photos on Squidoo ?>

Learning about how to recover deleted photos on Squidoo

A popular place I have found online to learn from is at Squidoo. They publish content on all types of topics, and invite people all over the world to publish their own Squidoo lenses, too. In fact, it's a neat place for photographers to hang out, and that's a hobby of mine: snapping interesting shots of wildlife. I have been able to pick up neat tidbits of info like how to recover deleted photos and how to transfer files online and onto web pages and blogs. PLus I have learned how to make digital photo albums that I can share!

Make Business a Success in Every Climate ?>

Make Business a Success in Every Climate

This is one of the best Online Training Platforms for a business. Once my husband and I set up three locations and they all had to undergo the same training program. This one has been affective enough in helping them stay the course. It is important tool in weeding out those individuals who are not going to place the business before themselves while at work. You learn how to properly treat the consumer and have the marketing tools to make business a success n every climate.

Keeping up with a High Traffic Website ?>

Keeping up with a High Traffic Website

My husband works for a huge online company with a highly frequented website. Lately they have noticed that the website seems to be dragging at peak hours. After a discussion with management they decided they needed to seek stronger server support. They contracted with to get the highest level of server access and support. Since the conversion they have noticed a huge difference in the speed and performance of the website. Their clients have noticed and commented as well.

The Debate That Is As Old As Computers Have Been Around: Is A PC Or Mac A Better Computer System And Why? ?>

The Debate That Is As Old As Computers Have Been Around: Is A PC Or Mac A Better Computer System And Why?

It is a debate that has been around for many years now. Loyal fans of each brand will argue over why their choice is better and scorn those who have the other choice. There are even American commercials that have this argument as their basic idea. But which is better: a PC or a Mac?The answer really depends mostly on personal preference, but there are a few key differences that can be taken into account.

What Will The Computer Be Used For?

Most people buy a computer with a specific job in mind for it. The first question to ask is what you plan to use the computer for. Will it be used mainly for homework and emailing? Or will it be used to work on complex projects for graphic design or photography? Answering these questions will be extremely valuable in helping you to make your choice.

PC’s are great for writing essays and for use while in school. They are the most compatible with the Microsoft Office Products which is great for writing papers, making presentations, and filling out Excel worksheets.

On the other hand Mac’s are great for doing more complex projects that will need the Adobe products. While Adobe products can be used on PC’s, they don’t work as well as they do on the Mac’s. If you are a photographer and use Photoshop a lot or work on graphic design projects, a Mac might be the best choice for you.

Which Has Better Virus Protection?

It has long been the belief that Mac computers have much better virus protection because they don’t seem to get viruses at all. When they were first made this was the case because Mac computers are built and set up in a different way than PC’s were. Since PC’s have been around much longer, viruses have been made to attack them. When the Mac first came out, because of its different design structure, current viruses were not able to attack them. But as the years go on viruses will be designed to attack the Mac computers specifically. Once that happens it will be more of a matter of what kind of anti-virus you have on your computer rather than which computer you have.

Which Has A Better Price?

For the most part, PC’s have a much better price point. They have been around longer and there is a lot more competition between the different PC makers that the price has stayed much lower than the Mac computers. Mac’s are only developed by one company, Apple, which means that there is no competition and they can set the price at whatever they want.


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Do You Need to Jailbreak Your IPhone 5? ?>

Do You Need to Jailbreak Your IPhone 5?

Do you need to jailbreak your iPhone 5? This is a really easy process if you want to jailbreak an old iPhone like 3g, 4 or 4s. The problem comes when you want to jailbreak an iPhone 5. Since it uses IOS 6, it is kind of hard to jailbreak it. However, you can resort to a new software that not only jailbreaks your device but unlocks it to its full features. The truth of the matter is that it is not that hard to know how to jailbreak iphone 5. Click on here in order to know how to download this software. It is completely safe.

Took a Long Drive Out West ?>

Took a Long Drive Out West

I have thought about taking a trip to go snowboarding this winter. So, I wrote it on my twitter wall for events to see if anyone wanted to go with and if they had any suggestions on where would be an affordable place to go. It ended up being a bunch of people who wanted to go come with. We rented a van and drove out west we spent most of our time in Utah. It was a blast. I became closer to my friends and met a lot of others along the way. We are talking about going it again next year. But maybe we will go to another state.

Alex Wants to Play a New Game ?>

Alex Wants to Play a New Game

My son, Alex, wanted to play a game on his iPhone. However, after trying to install it, we found out it was not compatible. Instead of getting him a different smart phone, we did a little research. We found out that we could jailbreak iphone 5 and install the game. It took us a little time to figure it out, but we were finally able to accomplish this task. Then my son was able to install the app he had wanted.

Make Sure You Do Research ?>

Make Sure You Do Research

When you live in a major city like Green Bay, Wisconsin, you live in a location that gives you a lot of options to choose from no matter what types of goods or services one is looking to get. With that in mind, it is important to not just look at the options, but also do some research into how each can help you out. When you are looking for Plumbers Green Bay to work on your home, make sure you research.

Your Computer Doesn’t Have To Be Annoying ?>

Your Computer Doesn’t Have To Be Annoying

You don’t have to be mad at your computer all the time.  The thing is, there are several different things that could possibly go wrong with your computer.  One of the biggest things is that your PC will get cluttered over time with extra files and folders.  This can happen to anyone – the more you use your computer, the most stuff will build up over time.  This is just how it kinda goes.  It happens with any type of computer – even your phone.  The thing is, there is computer software that can help you to easily clean up your computer.  Click here for our website on how to clean up your PC.

What Is Instagram and What Do I Do With It? ?>

What Is Instagram and What Do I Do With It?

here at, you can upload as many photographs as you want. Invite your family, friends, co-workers- just about everyone you know to your instagram wall and they can begin following you. What this means is that they will be able to see new pictures you post to your instagram wall and will be able to comment on them. Upload pictures such as beautiful scenery photographs you took from your vacation to Hawaii or hilarious pictures of you and your buddies at the bar downtown. You can also customize these photos right on the website with the use of black and white shading, duo tone, and so much more!